Bow Heritage Room

The Bow Heritage Commission (BHC) is currently located in the basement of the town office building situated at 10 Grandview Road. Our facility is limited in space, inadequately climate-controlled and is bulging with historical documents, maps and related historical data. Our most precious records are stored in fireproof file cabinets. We currently store some items in several town buildings and at private residences.

Several local towns and cities have a heritage room within the structure of their libraries. The BHC is working with the Baker Free Library to convert the Baker Room in the library’s basement to a secure, climate-controlled space for archival storage and display of historic documents and artifacts. The Historical records stored in the space will be available to the public for research and historical knowledge.

If you have any questions relative to the proposed Bow Heritage Room or items to be placed within that room upon its completion, please call someone on the Bow Heritage Commission.

The Bow Heritage Commission Members 2015/16

Baker Meeting Room

Baker Meeting Room

Existing Bow Heritage Commission meeting room in the basement of the Bow Town Office Building on 10 Grandview Road. Many documents and artifacts cannot be stored here and are currently being kept in private residences, unavailable to the public